Need some warmth!!!

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Need some warmth!!!

Post by LIZZARD »

Alright we've let it get cold in here which has in turn made it cold outside!! So let's get some action going on in herrra to see if the warmth will return

I've seen where KB has taken advantage of the warm Southern weather and started off the NHRA season on a hot note...notice my choice of words there!! Picking up where he left off last season and the season before that and the season before that, and backup the Divisional and World Championships from the previous year with repeat performances this year as well. Looks like we may have to travel south if we wanna get to racing soon!!

Speaking of local level, we can't even get the weather to cooperate for a swap meet. So how am I gonna be able to get the parts I need to get me race ready?? Some peoples hand-me-down parts are better than what I've got for top of the line!! If I ran a Ford, I know I could get some quality pieces from the Maddox's!! Guess I will have to continue to hit the flea markets and scrap yards for parts!!

Is everybody else race ready?? Not just the drivers but the cars as well??

Well I've worked up a sweat with all this typing. Time to cool

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Re: Need some warmth!!!

Post by dragrcr1 »

Hey Lizzard I like the way your talking !!!
So I been hearing about some new RIDES it sure would be great if we could see some pictures on here,
Lets get to down loading some so everybody can see. Or old rides with new paint

S Maddox
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Re: Need some warmth!!!

Post by S Maddox »

Lizzard looks like things are slowly warming up. As you said we may just need to roll South and race as some of the locals will be heading that way this weekend looking to cash in as well. Weather is looking a little better for this weekend and maybe some people can get on track for some test n tune action or some may even head to Rockingham for the coalition. Mark since no one is sharing pics of there rides I guess we will just have to wait and see all them at the track.

Double barrell ready for some warmer weather and ready to get back racing. Fatrabbit you got any reports coming in from your neck of the woods???
Double Barrell Maddox

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