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Team Greer

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This is double barrell coming 2 you from Rockingham Dragway on Friday Morning. Yesterday was a good day 4 Team Greer in the early bird gamblers race. However myself, TAPW, and Tapp903 really stunk the place up yesterday. :cry: :cry: :cry: In footbrake we didnt have a great outing Sammy Neese done the best losing 4th rnd but the Pro cars dominated. Slick Kip got beat at 13 cars. The next round at 7 cars 5 of the 7 was Greer cars. That rnd Kevin "Rabbit" Brannon beat David Hall, Everette Short won, Dallas Calvert won, and Mark Davis had the bye. So it was all Team Greer at the semis. Mark Davis beat Rabbit, Everette beat Dallas. In the Finals the door car of Mark Davis prevailed over the Rocket Ship. Congrats 2 all the guys and lets keep it up in the other gamblers race and especially the main race.

We are starting practice now and will be running Summit Super Series this morning so good luck 2 Travis "Bam Bam" Dotson and Jay '"J-Train" Norris. Also good luck 2 "Big A" Adam Tapp in the jr race of champions.

Double Barrell hoping me and Tapp 903 pick up the pace today

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Re: Team Greer

Post by BigDave »

Congrats on the good showing and especially to Mark for whooping up on the piperacks!

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Re: Team Greer

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Just wanted 2 say Congrats 2 Jay "J-Train" Norris on picking up the win in the main event....i stood on the side of the fence and watched every lap he made and he was on his game all day long. I took a few notes and hope 2 apply them 2 my racing starting this Saturday :lol: :lol: :lol: Also congrats 2 Robbie P "Rat Poison" on getting runner-up in the main event in juniors. Job well done Robbie, you dont have nothing 2 be ashamed about put down a .025 package in the finals and just got beat on a good run. Team Greer ended up finishing in 5th place. We may not have won but we had a blast as always with TEAM GREER.
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Re: Team Greer

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Congrats to Jay on picking up the Win in Mod. Shane said i hung the fence for every round of the entire race for everybody but Jay was on his game all day. And I will go ahead and say it for those who was not there, Rockingham's timing equipment is keeping Jay from going to VMP for the Summit Super Series. Jay was down to semi's and got "beat" according to time slip. But good job on bouncing back and showing them who was the best Foot Braker on the grounds.

Props to Robbie "Rat Poison" Pettinato for the R-up in Jrs. Drove good all day as well and got beat on a very tough run in Finals. Both drivers were .012 on tree and Robbie is 1 above to winners dead on. 6 thou. win if i remember right?? Good job on the weekend and on the season.

Joseph Bagwell picks up Best Appearing Open Body award. And seeing all Greer cars in Final 4 and 5 out of 7 the previous round was cool in Top Gamblers.

I enjoyed the weekend and watching Team Greer make a good showing. I hope somebody ( IHRA or Track Operators ) puts some pressure on Rockingham and has them fix their equipment. Bogus runs on the weekend, didnt notice any bad #'s on Sunday, but spectators didnt even know if the cars were staged?? Had to take out the redlights on drivers side because both green and red would come on at same time. Doesnt make it enjoyable for a spectator watching.

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Re: Team Greer

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LIZZARD wrote:And I will go ahead and say it for those who was not there, Rockingham's timing equipment is keeping Jay from going to VMP for the Summit Super Series. Jay was down to semi's and got "beat" according to time slip
It sucks when everyone works hard all year to make it to the bracket finals and you have to deal with faulty track equipment. Rockingham knew everyone was coming back there since last year, but yet they still didnt attpempt to fix anything before the race. I know my runs were all crazy friday and saturday, i dont think my 60 foot time has ever varied 5 numbers within 2 hours :x

Still had a good time as always, but rockingham could've done stuff before everyone got there to make everyones trip more enjoyable. looking on other forums and facebook it sounds like quite a few people are irritated with the rock.

Congrats to Jay Norris for the W in the main event, I knew that win was going to come for him sooner or later! Also congrats to robbie pettinato for the r-up in jr dragsters!
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Re: Team Greer

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This was my first big event ever. I had the best time ever. Looking forward to next year where ever it may be at. More fun I think than anybody could really stand to have in one place :)

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