On The Road With The MRC

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Re: On The Road With The MRC

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That's what I'm talking about: A BIG high five to KB on the WIN and Shane on the r/u at Bristol.
That shows you them Greer boys are Bad To The Bone :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: On The Road With The MRC

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Once again this is Shane Maddox coming 2 you from Bristol Dragway on Saturday Morning. Im still tryin 2 fig out if this is just a dream or if its real :D :D Im gonna go ahead and give yall a run down of the hole day yesterday. We got up and got the morning started yesterday with a nice warm shower at the shower house(which i might add is very nice) We get back and get cars cleaned up and ready and head aruond 4 our 1st hit and we all made good runs. Towards the end of the 1st run we had another major oil down that took 2hours 2 clean up. So during the down time we road over 2 the round track and lil did we know it was open so we took a lap around the round track on the golf cart :lol: :lol: :lol: Once the track got cleaned up water starting coming up thru top end so they cut it back to 1/8 mile racing. We roll out and get our 2nd hit and all get good runs again and are ready 4 round 1. Everyone wins round 1 but kevin so heads 2 the buy back window. He gets buy the buy back round and we our all ready 4 round 2. (I might add that i beat a jegs car 1st rnd) 2nd rnd cj makes a good run but gets beat and Everette went red. Me,greg, and kevin all roll. we going up 4 the money round of 3rd rnd and we all win again. They start running it faster and speeding the show up 2 beat curfew so we all roll again 4th rnd. Greg checks up short 5th rnd but me and kevin still are rolling. 5th rnd im 003 at tree 2 opponents 002 at tree and im scrubbing brakes taking 1thou stripe. 6th round they put us on the ladder and kevin wears Troy Williams out and i win a double break out run. Now we are down 2 7 cars and i win and kevin rolls again. we roll around at 4 cars hoping we dont have 2 run and we dont. We kick back 4grand a piece 2 the losers and im 1st out running Todd "Bones" Ewing and we our both 00 on tree and both out of it and i take 3 thou win stripe and Kevin knocks out "The Carolina Kid" Travis Harvey. So its like a dream come true 2 greer cars in the finals. Me and Kevin split it down the middle and get 11000 a piece. I go red and my bro KB gets the big check. Well now its on 2 day 3 here at Bristol Dragway. Good luck 2 everyone at Greer 2day and thx 4 all the congrats we have received between last night and this morning. Also we our back 2 1000ft racing 2day and we our eating Steaks 2nite

Double Barrell over and out

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Re: On The Road With The MRC

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Congrats to KB and Shane, man that just too cool. The only thing better than running you buddy in the finals is to do it at a 20 grander! :D

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Re: On The Road With The MRC

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Congrats to both you and Kevin. That has to be one of the neatest drag race stories of the century, to run your friend for that kind of money. You guys were the talk of Mooresville yesterday. Congrats to two great guys who happen to be great racers as well.

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Re: On The Road With The MRC

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Well i guess yall figured out by now we didnt have much luck on Saturday or Sunday :lol: :lol: :lol: On Saturday KB and Everette both have rough days not winning a round and me and Cj get past 1st rnd and both get beat 2nd rnd. I will add that i was setting my practice hit up on perfect 2nd rnd and go 001 red. (what in the world was i thinking setting up that tight) Greg done the best making it 2 4th rnd before getting beat. We may have stunk the place up but we sure did eat good. Chef Chris Tapp cooked us up some steaks saturday evening and they were the bomb!!!!

Sunday rolls around and evidently im still not thinking bc i only roll 3thou in box setting up on 002 green and i go 001 red again and my man is over 35 at tree and 3 above. Cj and Everette lose 1st rnd as well and Everette decides it just hasnt been his weekend and he saves his buy back money. Kevin and Greg both make it by 1st rnd. Congrats 2 Greg bc he didnt have 2 buy back none of the 4 days. I roll around there in buy back round and hog stripe up and brake out and get a early dismissal from Sundays race. Greg loses 2nd rnd and Kevin and Cj both win. And they win again 3rd rnd. Cj misses tree 4th rnd and gets beat and Kevin wins. 5th rnd kevin gives up stripe 1 thou(that hurts) and our weekend is over.

All i can say is this race is by far one of the best big money bracket races so everyone start making plans and saving money now 4 The Spring Fling in 2012!!!

Double Barrell had a good weekend and thx 4 all the congrats guys :D :D :D
Double Barrell Maddox

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