Dotsons Dominate last nite at Shadyside

Results for Shadyside races.
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S Maddox
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Dotsons Dominate last nite at Shadyside

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I wanna give the Dotson team some props 4 showin up and bowin up last nite at Shadyside. It was a all Dotson finals in Pro with Travis "TAPW" gettin the win over "Big D" Ronnie. And The Lizzard made it 2 in a row in Foot Brake. Congrats 2 the Dotson team.

Double Barrell good luck 2 everybody 2day and just a reminder that we are doing the golf cart side pool again 2day so bring $10 extra dollars with u and try 2 win some tickets!!!!
Double Barrell Maddox

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Re: Dotsons Dominate last nite at Shadyside

Post by JCNorris »

Dotsons,Dotsons they are everywhere!!! :lol: Congrats team Dotson. When yall bow up you do it with authority!! :!:

Joe McCoy
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Re: Dotsons Dominate last nite at Shadyside

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Congrats to the Dotson clan for another great day. You know what I find impressive, is the familys that we have that race together. The Dotsons, The Halls, The Maddoxs, The Mosleys, The Childress, Norris and Brannon families and more I can't think of early in the morning. That just seems special to me. Congrats to everyone for the wins and the companionship.

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