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Top 5 Moments in 2014

Posted: Wed Dec 10, 2014 1:20 am
by fatrabbit inc.
Fatrabbits top {5} 2014 All-Star accomplishment list ------ Sponsored by Honda Specialties in Powdersville S.C.------- 5) Kaci Stewart making 5 final round appearances out of 9 races in Jr's with 4 of them being Wins at Ware Shoals Dragway. 4) Tyler Mosley pulling the Double Iron Man in one day at W/S. 3) Kevin Brannon Winning then Runner-uping at Atco in 2 $25k races. 2) Jay Norris with 18 solid rnds of competition running hisself with 2 entries at Footbrake Fall Frenzy.1) Kevin Brannon laying down a 000 light when it counted to win the 2014 IHRA Top Dragster Championship.........Fill free to post your thoughts or view others
Just take a minute to list your thoughts.This is moments that stood out to me.There is many more I could list.........Fatrabbit Inc.

Re: Top 5 Moments in 2014

Posted: Fri Dec 12, 2014 6:14 pm
I'm gonna chime in here on Fat Rabbit's topic, hope others do the same!! A lot of great moments to choose from and I agree with the ones mentioned above. KB and Jay can and should take up a lot of the space in the Top 5. To try and choose some different moments here are 5 more...

As mentioned above on KB winning the World Championship in IHRA Top Dragster, but how about the way he won the NHRA Division 2 Super Comp Divisional Championship. Rolled into the last race needing to win the race to clinch the Championship and he done just that!!

Another one along the same lines is Joseph Bagwell winning his 2nd consecutive Track Championship at Carolina Dragway, and once again the way he done it. Tight points battle between himself, Lee Crawford, and Tyler Mosley coming down to the last race and The Hendersonville Hitman advances all the way to the Finals of the Race and wins the Championship.

Jay Norris winning his 6th consecutive Track Championship at Greer Dragway. That speaks volumes on his abilities and domination!!

Another act of Domination goes out to Carolina Dragway picking up it's 4th Consecutive Summit Team Finals Championship and once again the way it was done. Coming from behind to win and dominating the Top ET class with 3 out of the Final 4 cars remaining and then making it an all Team Carolina Top ET Finals for the 2nd year in a row!!

And tying my 5th moment into the above post, Thomas "Whomp Whomp" Bell making his 2nd consecutive Top ET Finals in the Division 2 East Summit Team Finals with a R-up the previous year but taking it all the way to the Top this year!! Impressive

Lizzard: great topic and early Merry Christmas to all

Re: Top 5 Moments in 2014

Posted: Sat Dec 13, 2014 10:37 pm
Thanks for the kind words LIZZARD and congrats to all the above mentioned but come on man you need to be patting your on self on the back...brag a little....I told COOP and a couple of other people at the first points race at HOH when i seen you roll thru the gate....well theres the 2014 feet brake champion....funny thing i couldnt get anybody to bet against you...anyway CONGRATS man.....

Re: Top 5 Moments in 2014

Posted: Sun Dec 14, 2014 2:39 pm
by S Maddox
Well just as lizzard and fatrabbit said Kb and Jay could fill up the list for sure as they both had amazing years.

Other big moments in 2014 season would be..
1. Big A Adam Tapp going into the last 2 points races being in a big hole and most people counting him out going out and winning both races to add another junior dragster track championship to his career.
2. Gonna give my brother a shout out for rolling down to Ware Shoals 1st race of year and being the thanksgiving race from year before that got postponed. Made it a clean sweep winning 5second class and pro class.
3. Gotta go to the lizzard for the run he went on this summer...don't know exact numbers but like 8 out of 10 finals or something was just a crazy performance.
4. Wasn't a big money race but the performance sticks in my mind kb winning bracket race at divisional race at Mooresville. The 1st 5 rnds he dials 4.51 and then out of the blues decides to dial honest and dials 4.43. Yes that's right was holding 8 numbers lol
5. Gonna go to Maddox Race Cars at Memphis world finals. Had 1 car win the world championship with kb winning top dragster. And 2 cars finishing 2nd with Calvin Snow getting 2nd in top sportsman for the world championship. Lastly myself getting 2nd in the SSS box championship. Was a great weekend for Maddox Race Cars.

Re: Top 5 Moments in 2014

Posted: Mon Dec 15, 2014 12:58 pm
by fatrabbit inc.
Any one elso that wants to throw a top 5 2014 memorable moment down help your self.Definately Lizzard and Double Barrell have picked some fine ones.A few more suggestions is Back to Back Turkey Trott wins that Chad Dotson acomplished for 2013 & 2014 is a great accomplishment.Turkey Trott Races are the absolute toughest ones to WIN.Shane Maddox has accomplished alot this year but the most impressive one is, i think he won 3 weeks in a row at Greer.Its hard to Win one time,,,,two times. but 3 in a row......thats tough.Another is Greer Dragway sending 2 representitives for Summit Super Series Championships from 1 track.Thats awsome when Parker Dotson and Shane headed to Memphis........just chimming in....and last was awsome reporting from Lizzard----Double Barrell----And Fatrabbit.........2015 will have more up to date info and in depth reporting than ever before. Have a wonderfull Christmas.........................Fatrabbit Inc.