How to change the style of the board

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How to change the style of the board

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So, you don't like the color scheme? Or you wish things were centered instead of aligned to the left? Or maybe you don't like the icons used to show new topics?

Not a problem, I have installed a few different styles here on our forums.
To change your Style, click on User Control Panel at the top after logging in. Then go to Board Preferences. You will see a Style dropdown to choose from the available styles. Choose one and submit. Once it comes back to the main forum screen you will see the new style. To change it again, follow the same instructions.

Currently the new random racer image at the top is only in the prosilver, prosilver special edition, and subsilver2 styles. If you guys find one of the available styles that you like, let me know and I'll edit it to show the random racer image as well. Also, if there is a certain style you would like to see on the boards you can go here: and choose the various styles from the dropdown at the top to see what's available.

I want to make this site as personalized and user-friendly as I can for you guys, so please make sure and let me know any suggestions.

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