Any suggestions for things you would like added or changed on the site.
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add union county to the results page. we do not want to be like that dragstrip in boiling springs nc. drag racers want to know how their friends are doing at other tracks. thanks!

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Re: addition

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Well Bracketfan if u or somebody else that runs union wants 2 post results im sure that would b fine 4 u 2 do so. But since all of us that post stuff on here normally go 2 Greer 2 race its hard 4 us 2 post results being that we wasnt there and dont know who wins and does what.
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Re: addition

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Everone is welcome to post results from their local track. We don't have access to the Union results so, that is why we haven't posted them. If you want to do it we would appreciate it or you could email the results to Mark Davis and he will post them.

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