Union Iron Man Race

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Union Iron Man Race

Post by JonathanRobinson »

I think we need to make a results page for Union County Dragway. So when Greer drivers go and Beat up all the other drivers lol

I would like to give a big congrats to Jay Norris for picking up the win in the pro class with Greg Maddox getting runner up. Dennis Calvert was down to the semi-finals

Gray Burrel picked up the win in footbrake with Chad Dotson getting runner up.

In Jr. dragster Michael Hipp picked up the runner up spot.

Also in Street Legal Brad Hall picked up the win and my Dad Danny Robinson got runner up. Carl Rice was in the semi-finals in street legal.

I want to be like you Jay Norris when I grow up lol
"00 and loosing"

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Re: Union Iron Man Race

Post by jhicks567 »

i just wanna give a big congratulations to my man G for getting to the finals at union and of course the big man of the night, Jay Norris, for taking out the box class with no box. :)

Also good job gary burell and chad dotson, too bad my dad the hitman hicks couldnt make it one more round to the finals! (he had the best crew chief around i'd say)

good job to the street class and junior drivers, Big A almost made it to the semi finals!

good luck to the greer drivers heading to carolina this weekend, go show 'em how its done!

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Re: Union Iron Man Race

Post by dartman »

Congrats Jay, once again you wore out the electronics the old school way! :D 8-)
Congrats Greg on the runner-up. You did pretty well for a track that you don't really care for :lol:

I think I was just in the way. Can't wait fo Greer to open back up.
MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and there families! God Bless!
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Re: Union Iron Man Race

Post by Sticks »

I got to first give a shot out to my big little brother for his r/up @ Union. Congrats to Jay"Birthday Suit" Norris for his big W and The Lizzard for his r/up also in the foot feeding class. I also think the Hitman Hicks and Dennis Calvert went deep in the rounds in there respective classes. I was hoping for more out of my boys @ The Farm,but David Hall,Rockin Rod Revis,Sugar,and others made some rounds. I hope if others did well @ some of these races don't hold me responsible for not giving you shout outs(not on purpose). I hope the GREER crew can invade THE HOUSE OF HOOK this week and get it done. I am going out on a limb,but I got a feeling(I hope it isn't gas) that David Hall will bow up one day.GOOD LUCK and BE SAFE,Y'ALL!!!

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Re: Union Iron Man Race

Post by S Maddox »

Congrats 2 all The Greer Boys 4 showin up and bowin Up @ Union. Wanna send a special shout out 2 my cus Greg "Rocky" Maddox 4 gettin the runner-up. Glad 2 see that everyone done good at Union and wanna say good luck 2 all that travel down 2 Carolina this weekend. I know there r gonna b a handful from Greer goin down and hopefully can Show up and Bow Up at The HOUSE OF HOOK!!!!! See everyone there!!!!
Double Barrell Maddox

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Re: Union Iron Man Race

Post by Tapp903 »

Imma give a shout out to jay he is the man but man i was pulling for G he was driving good and he was looking for the W but came up a little bit short but he will get his is was drving good

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Re: Union Iron Man Race

Post by tapw »

congrats to the winners(jay) r ups (g man lizzard). jay is a bad man. double barrel,paul it's your turn to be in the winners circle this weekend at carolina.

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Re: Union Iron Man Race

Post by T-MO »

congrats to my man Jay and my main man G. I agree its time for DOUBLE BARREL AND THE GREEN MACHINE to find their way to the winner circle.

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Re: Union Iron Man Race

Post by KB457 »

Congrats 2 all the boys and gals from Greer showing why we number #1 3 years in a row!!! Good luck 2 all our boys and gals at Carolina this weekend be careful and try and stay warm :lol: :lol: :lol:

KB thinkin hes gonna stay warm and work this weekend!!!!!!!!!
KB hoping Tigers can redeem themselves this weekend!!!!!!!!

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Re: Union Iron Man Race

Post by JCNorris »

Thanks for all the shouts. It was a long shot after I eliminated myself in FB :x but we got it done. I just wanna say that the Greer cars went down to Union and showed em whats up. With 4 out of the last 5 pro cars being Greer cars and the final 3 in footbrake being regular Greer runners thats just awesome. :D :D 8-)
Now cant wait to get back to the new Greer. It is looking good so far.

JCNorris ... Tryin to fit the Ironman on the Christmas tree but he is just toooo heavy!!! :lol:

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